Trump Golf Course Basically Supported An Entire Town Of Undocumented Immigrants

Recently, Trump properties have been purging undocumented workers. Today, we may have learned why.

In a blockbuster report, Washington Post’s David Fahrenthold revealed that Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf course employed dozens of undocumented workers since 2002, many of them from the same small town—Santa Teresa de Cajon, Costa Rica.

According to WaPo:

“The brightly painted homes that line the road in Santa Teresa de Cajon, many paid for by wages earned 4,000 miles away, are the fruits of a long-running pipeline of illegal workers to the president’s course, one that carried far more than a few unauthorized employees who slipped through the cracks.”

The Post spoke to 16 Latin American Trump employees who lacked the legal status to work in the United States, and said their bosses knew they didn’t have the proper paperwork.

“‘It was far more systematic than two or three housekeepers,’ said Joyce Phipps, executive director of Casa de Esperanza, a legal aid organization for immigrants, who said she has had several clients who were Bedminster employees. ‘It’s been a very open secret.’”

The workers also said they endured harsh conditions and mistreatment. The heavy machine operators who constructed Bedminster made about $8/hour, which is far less than the $50 or so they would have made if they had been legal heavy workers. Non-English speaking staff was told to make themselves scarce when they were hosting an event

One worker said they were treated “like slaves”:

“Franklin Mora, who quit after a year on the grounds crew, said that his manager would mock his limited English and spoke harshly to the Hispanic employees. The manager required them to set their mowers at a pace that required them to jog to keep up in a fashion he viewed as humiliating.”

Stunningly, not even Trump’s election as president compelled the Trump Organization to halt their use of undocumented labor. In fact, undocumented workers’ names were simply left off of lists of people to be screened by Secret Service prior to a visit by Trump.

The Washington Post also produced a video to accompany the story, watch it here:

h/t: Washington Post


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