Trump Got Caught Posting Photoshopped Pics That Make Him Look Thinner With Big Hands

Vanity is Donald Trump’s defining trait. He has many others to be sure…cruelty, capriciousness, selfishness, sloth…but vanity is the ultimate driver of his behavior.

That vanity famously extends to his perplexing hair and to the size of his hands, which in surreal fashion became part of the 2016 election conversation. In fact, it’s been documented that after Spy magazine referred to him as a “short-fingered vulgarian” in the 80s Trump took to sending photos of his hands to the editors , with a note reading: “See, not so short.”

That all-consuming vanity has not eased with age and the latest example that Trump cares more about looking good than doing good is flat out ridiculous. According to Gizmodo “at least three different retouched photos” have appeared on Trump’s official Facebook and Instagram pages that make him look fitter since October 2018.

By comparing the photos to the original images on the official White House Flickr page, the sleuths at Gizmodo discovered that Trump was being photoshopped to appear slimmer and that his fingers were being edited to appear longer. 

The effect is subtle at first.

Until you zoom in on that #FakeNewsFinger.

For ease of comparison Twitter user Alp Beck posted a GIF of the two images, pre and post-digital manipulation and you can see how editing was used to make Trump’s waistline appear trimmer and his fingers longer.

Watch those fingers miraculously gain an inch. It’s mesmerizing.

Vanity, thy name is Donald.


h/t: Gizmodo