Trump Has Daily Freakout, Blames His Low Approval Rating On Mueller

Another day, another Donald Trump freak-out. Our unstable commander-in-chief has so many meltdowns it’s almost hard to keep up with what he’s currently raving about. That said, one common theme is Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his Russia probe.

Trump took to Twitter to again call the investigation a “Witch Hunt” (boring!) but also went on to blame his approval rating on Mueller’s meddling, claiming it should be a whopping 75% while also coining the nonsense term “presidential harassment” in the process.

There’s just so much Trump in this tweet. First there’s the raging narcissism that has him fantasizing about stratospherically high approval numbers while cherry-picking the most favorable poll (Rasmussen) and even exaggerating that number. (Rasmussen has him at a 49% approval rating today whereas other polls place him between 39% and 46%.) Then there’s the bragging and the bloviating about how unfairly he’s being treated despite his many shiny accomplishments.

It’s the sort of thing we’ve come to expect from Trump and recalls the time he bragged about having the largest inauguration crowd in history despite abundant evidence to the contrary. Meanwhile the term “presidential harassment” calls to mind the copious number of sexual harassment allegations against Dirty Donnie.

“Presidential harassment”? You know what they say Donald: “When you’re a special prosecutor, they let you do it.”