Trump Has Explosive TV Shouting Match With Schumer And Pelosi Over Government Shutdown

Donald Trump sat down with Senator Chuck Schumer and soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi at the White House on Tuesday to talk to discuss border security and Trump’s Big Beautiful Wall and things got very testy.

At one point an angry Trump exchanged words with Schumer and began shouting that he would shut the government down “if we don’t get what we want.” Schumer meanwhile stared straight ahead like a parent waiting for their child to finish his ice cream-related rant.

At one point Pelosi suggests the raucous debate about border security and the relative merits of a wall be conducted behind closed doors and not messily in full view of the press, saying “this is spiraling downward” but Trump barrels forward, saying that the fruitless shouting match about basic facts constitutes “transparency.”

It’s sort of the real-life 3D version of the recurring meltdowns that Trump has been having on Twitter recently as the isolated president seems to get angrier and angrier. This may have to do with the Mueller investigation seemingly closing in around him or with the fact that nobody wants to work for him anymore.

In any case let’s have more of these angry Springeresque couch battles, please. This is what the people want to see.

(Also at least when he’s shouting he’s not signing things.)

You can watch the meeting in full here:

Twitter had a lot to say about the presidential temper tantrum…