Trump Has Meltdown Over Mueller As His Approval Drops To New Low

Donald Trump is currently engaged in an interesting intellectual exercise: Celebrating the Mueller report as a document that proves his innocence…and simultaneously slamming its contents for how bad they make him look.

In his latest meltdown during his Easter Weekend Of Rage™ Trump fumed that the 400-page report was “written as nastily as possible” before repeating his “No Collusion, No Obstruction!” refrain for the Nth time.

He then turned the volume on his Twitter up to 11, tearing into the “Fake News Media” for doing their job and reporting on a serious, ongoing investigation and crowing: “NO COLLUSION WITH RUSSIA. The Russia Hoax is dead!”

Then he pivoted to bragging somewhat desperately about jobs numbers.

…Before returning to his favorite subject and favorite phrase: “The Witch Hunt.”

While his regular Twitter freak-outs are nothing new Trump’s mounting anger could have something to do with his declining popularity.

According to The Hill Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest point in 2019 following the release of the Mueller report, a fact that’s sure to have our ratings-obsessed President fuming.

It seems that the findings of the Mueller report, which Trump claims has totally exonerated him of all charges, haven’t been met with the same enthusiasm by the general public.

Perhaps seeing the ugly internal machinations of a deeply corrupt administration laid out in detail was unsettling to some Americans. Shocker.

h/t: The Hill