Trump Has Twitter Meltdown Over Roger Stone Arrest, Spreads Conspiracy Theory

The big news on Friday was the dramatic arrest of former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone on charges related to his involvement with Russian hacking during the 2016 election, with CNN showing footage of the FBI raiding Stone’s Florida home in the wee hours of the morning.

It was a dramatic turn of events in the ongoing saga that is the Mueller probe and observers were naturally curious how President Trump would react to the news of one of his confidantes and most vocal supporters being snatched up.

Unsurprisingly he did not react well, taking to Twitter to fire off an angry tweet decrying the treatment of Stone and/or others in the focus of Mueller’s probe and stoking a conspiracy theory that CNN had inside information about the investigation that allowed them to to be on the scene for Stone’s arrest.

The reason this assertion is wacky is that there was already a strong hint that a big arrest was coming on Friday due to the fact that Mueller convened his Grand Jury unconventionally on a Thursday, suggesting that he was preparing to bring someone in.

There was already heavy speculation that it would be Stone.

Beyond that, the fact that a news organization would be prepared to jump on a story when it breaks should surprise no one.

Journalists do research, follow reports, and anticipate breaking news so they can report it as quickly as possible. None of this is hard to understand…unless you’re Donald Trump and are desperate to push your narrative that the nefarious media are the “enemy of the people.”

Despite these easily-explained reasons why people, including the news media, were already prepared for there to be Roger Stone news today, the right wing mediasphere quickly picked up Trump’s conspiracy theory and ran with it, with the oversized headline on the Drudge Report screaming: “DRAMATIC PRE-DAWN RAID…CNN AIRS FOOTAGE OF ARREST..TIPPED OFF?”

Even some well-known journalists helped to spread the theory that something fishy was going on between Mueller’s team and CNN behind the scenes.

If those in Trump’s shady orbit thought the shutdown would save them from investigation they were wrong as these FBI agents were apparently happy to raid Roger Stone’s house for free.

Look there’s no need for conspiracy theorists to even speculate because Stone himself asked Mueller to do this. It’s all on tape.