Trump Having New Year’s Eve Meltdown Over Not Getting His Wall

At the time of this writing President Trump has already tweeted nine times today and by the time you’ve finished reading this he’ll likely have squirted out a half dozen more.

Yes as 2018 draws to a close Trump is ending the year true to form: by throwing a never-ending temper tantrum about his precious wall and alternating between whining and bragging from one minute to the next.

While the partial government shutdown that Trump himself instigated rolls on through the holidays and into 2019 Trump is melting down yet again over the fact that it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting the $5 billion he’s demanding for his Big Beautiful Wall any time soon.

The Baby President was in fine form, firing off one vintage wall tweet after another.

Trump claimed to be hard at work in the Oval Office while his Democratic opponents were still on vacation and demanded the lazy politicos return to D.C. and give him his wall money.

But Twitter smelled a rat in that claim and quickly called him out.

While Trump would probably prefer the superhero name “MAGAman” this kind Twitter user has dubbed him “Fence Boy.”

Trump also made the bonkers argument that the Obamas apparently building a wall (fence?) around their D.C. home is somehow a justification for building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

It was a comparison that struck people as deranged even by Trump’s standards.

Then Trump changed things up from tweeting about the wall in order to…tweet some more about the wall, calling the U.S.-Mexico border an “open wound.”

That’s top-notch international relations there, Donnie.

Wait are we getting “artistically designed steel slats” or concrete in this bad boy of a wall that’s never going to happen? I’m confused.

Aaaaaaaaaand in conclusion: More Wall.