Trump Hugs American Flag, Sweats Profusely

The annual freak show that is the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, has been going on since Wednesday and has delivered a slew of mockable moments.

Already we’ve seen the My Pillow guy make the insane claim that Donald Trump was “chosen by God” and everyone’s favorite dim bulb Don Jr. make a lame #MeToo joke in his desperate quest for approval.

On Saturday it was time for a speech from the Big Kahuna/Bic Mac himself, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and the man with the tan did not disappoint in out-crazying his  cronies.

Trump is a walking meme-generator so of course he decided to, uh, hug the American flag like a little kid gripping his mom’s leg on the first day of school.

In addition to his childish antics the copious amount of sweat streaming from Trump’s face did not escape notice.

Apparently there were some other head-scratching moments from Trump as well…

Trump also complained colorfully about the various investigations into his 2016 campaign calling the probe “bullsh*t” repeatedly.

Ladies and gentlemen…the President of the United States.