Donald Trump Jr. Just ‘Complimented’ Poor People In India In The Most Cringeworthy Way

In case you missed it, Donald Trump Jr. jetted off to India to promote Trump businesses, but calm down! He’s calling it an “unofficial” business trip! If it were an ~official~ business trip I’m sure he wouldn’t be “acting as a surrogate for his father” or “giving a foreign policy address on Indo-Pacific relations alongside the Prime Minister”—wait WHAT!? I’m pretty sure Don Don doesn’t know curry from Carl’s Jr., but I’ll wait for this big speech. In the meantime, Don Jr. is struggling to get through a 60-second interview without being too insulting to his host country.

Remember when President Trump brought out a big stack of blank paper and promised he’d be totally separate from his business?

He promised to let his sons run the companies while he busied himself with the very tough work of making America something something again (I forget).

Anyway, now he’s got his biggest business-y boy making foreign policy speeches with other heads of state, all the while selling access to the family for $38,000 a head.

At least, it’s cheaper than a membership at Mar-A-Lago? And if you can’t afford the exorbitant cover charge for the grip & grin & grift & graft, don’t worry! Don Jr’s got some kind words for you anyway because he’s so generous.

Don Jr. waxed poetic about the plight of poverty in India, something he knows a lot about having walked down the street amongst the poors.