Trump Jr. Just “Liked” Two Tweets Attacking A Florida Shooting Victim, Because Of Course He Did

Donald Trump Jr., the one-man gaffe machine and current favorite in the “dumbest Trump son” contest, was recently the victim of a legitimately frightening crime. Someone sent an envelope containing white powder to his home and his wife opened it. The powder turned out to be harmless, but still. Pretty messed up. Do you remember the massive smear campaign on the left calling him a liar and saying he was just acting or that he was coached by political activists to say he was sent white powder? That’s because it didn’t happen! Only one party is morally bankrupt, folks, and Don Jr. is a member of that party.

Because the teens who survived the Parkland massacre seemed dangerously close to actually getting people to push for real gun control, pro-gun GOP activists decided to smear them

Right-wing conspiracy theorists are saying the teens in general, and David Hogg in particular, were coached by… SOMEONE to push for legislation that might, you know, stop another massacre like the one they just survived.

It’s not clear who’s doing the coaching, but it’s allegedly some mix of George Soros, Democrats, and the FBI/”deep state.” David Hogg’s father Kevin used to work for the FBI, so obviously his son and every other teenager is part of this sick plot to move our gun control laws back to where they were in the 1990s. And they would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for some maladjusted right-wing morons with anime avatars!

The smear campaign spread through right-wing blog posts on Twitter and Facebook and videos on YouTube.

Conspiracy theory videos outnumber legitimate news videos in searches for David Hogg.

Naturally, Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t avoid getting in on the fever swamp action, “liking” not one, but TWO tweets about the conspiracy theory

While one of the tweets Trump liked was deleted, we’ve got the receipts