Trump Just Retweeted A Conspiracy Theorist Who Attacked The Parkland And Sandy Hook Victims

While the teenage Parkland survivors continue to run circles around their right-wing opponents in their push for stricter gun control legislation. The president has joined the smear campaign against them. Earlier this week, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and President Trump fell for a hoax undermining the Parkland victims' campaign by suggesting they're merely media pawns. It's an attack that dovetails with other right-wing smears accusing the Parkland survivors of being "crisis actors" in a vicious attack that echoes conspiracy theorists who said the same about the families of Sandy Hook victims.

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The president had a relaxing Saturday watching Fox News and rage tweeting, but he still managed to squeeze in an early morning boost to a radical conspiracy theorist:

[caption id="attachment_4515" align="alignnone" width="934"] Twitter[/caption]

The account he retweeted belongs to Wayne Dupree, a right-wing blogger, radio host, and fever swamp dweller who uses his platform to push conspiracy theories and attack victims.

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Here's a tweet from Dupree calling the parents of a Sandy Hook victim actors: 

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On his blog Dupree posted this about the Sandy Hook parents:

Unemotional, detached, contrived. With two real children involved, if this were real, they would be real and would be with their children, consoling them, not promoting the New World Order agenda of total control, including the control of children’s minds.

Criticizing grieving parents who just lost their child to a school shooter should be beyond the realms of political debate, but thanks to Trump's allies in the right-wing fever swamp it's increasingly being considered "fair game."

Here's another tweet from Dupree pushing the vile smear that the Parkland students are also "crisis actors":

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The smear originated on 4chan and spread to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, with Donald Trump Jr. "liking" a pair of tweets calling the kids actors on Twitter. Fox News personalities joined in, attacking the kids as rude and insincere at best and media pawns at worst. Tucker Carlson went as far as accusing CNN of "coaching" the kids in an incident that was later revealed to be a hoax when the emails the claim was based on were proven to be doctored.

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President Trump gleefully pushed the false story and hasn't offered any correction.

 Now he's boosting the platforms and personalities advancing the conspiracy theory.