Trump Loses It On Twitter As Even Conservatives Realize He’s A Bad President

One of the most famous tweets of all time was sent in 2011 by the enigmatic user @dril. The now legendary tweet reads simply: “im not owned! im not owned!!”, i continue to insist as i slowly shrink and transform into a corn cob”

On Friday after he lost his game of chicken with Nancy Pelosi and officially ended the longest government shutdown in history, Trump posted the 2019 version of that tweet, claiming, in so many words, that he was “not owned.”

Trump insisted that his very public loss in his battle of wills with Pelosi was in fact “in no way a concession” despite vowing that the government would remain shut down until he got his wall funding and then…reopening the government without getting his wall funding.

Desperate to make the claim that he didn’t lose the standoff that he so clearly lost Trump is pointing frantically to his new threat that he will shut down the government once again in three weeks time if he’s not placated on border security.

He then went back to fear-mongering about immigrant caravans and slipped back into his recent rhyming tic, digitally bellowing “Build the Wall and Crime will Fall!” which he seems to think is way catchier than it is.

He also shared a video about how walls work in Israel and would therefore work along the exponentially larger and more varied U.S.-Mexico border.

It was quite the tweet spree and its possible that this desperate reaction is due to the fact that even conservatives are now verbally defecating on a president who is clearly flailing and failing more and more.

Tomay Larraine took a shot at the POTUS, saying Trump had let Pelosi “walk all over him.”

Ann Coulter, who has become a strident critic of the president as it seemed increasingly likely that he would waver on his shutdown ultimatum, turned her venom on Trump full blast, calling him the “biggest wimp” to ever serve as President.


Hell, even stodgy, calcified Trump loyalists like Lou Dobbs couldn’t deny that the President had failed spectacularly in his political maneuverings, with Dobbs saying Trump had been “whipped” and calling Nancy Pelosi the “Queen of the Hill.”

Who’s left in Trump’s corner? Gorka? ….Don Jr.?

We will update this post once Donald Trump finishes his transformation into a literal corncob. Stay tuned.