Trump Just Lost His Lawyer And Twitter Is Here With The Jokes

Representing the president of the United States used to be an honor and, for an attorney, a real career-building opportunity. Unfortunately for President Trump, he can’t seem to hang on to attorneys.

You may recall Trump’s reaction to a New York Times story a couple months ago reporting he was dissatisfied with his legal team and thinking about firing some of them to bring on Emmet Flood, who handled Bill Clinton’s impeachment:

Well, you will be SHOCKED to learn that the story was actually true and that the president was lying. Two of the lawyers mentioned in his tweet have now stepped down: John Dowd and, today, Ty Cobb.

Cobb was the lawyer with the funny mustache who said crazy stuff like this:

While Cobb talked a big game, he was one of Trump’s lawyers who reportedly encouraged him to cooperate with the Mueller investigation. His departure, and the hiring of Emmet Flood, seem to indicate Trump’s legal team is going to be taking a tougher stance on the Mueller investigation.

Blessedly, Twitter was on hand to give Cobb a good roasting on his way out the door:

See ya!