Pissed Off Texans Are Trolling Trump With Signs And Balloons At The Border

Just before his prime-time address to the nation on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump told network anchors his trip to McAllen, TX, would be a photo op and not much more.

This turned out to not be completely true. Instead, Trump’s visit to the Mexican border city—site of the migrant children detention camps—was meant to hammer home his desire for a border wall, a position he doubled down on when he shut down the federal government.

While there were indeed hundreds of Trump supporters waving MAGA signs to greet the president in McAllen, there were at least as many protestors voicing their disagreement with both Trump and his border wall.

The marquee at the Cine El Rey, a 1940s-era theater in downtown McAllen changed its marquee to read, “WELCOME TO MCALLEN, 7TH SAFEST CITY IN AMERICA.”

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling has also voiced concerns regarding the logic behind Trump’s border wall push.

Protestors set up the iconic baby Trump balloon outside of the border patrol station Trump was visiting (where for a photo op he surrounded himself with border agents, drugs, guns, and a trash bag stuffed with cash, all confiscated at international bridges).

Many lined up with signs penned in Spanish and English:

Residents of the city shared took to social media, many calling Trump’s border wall push a ‘fake crisis.’

Whatever your political views, surely this here is a sentiment we can all stand behind: