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Trump Has Full-Blown Public Meltdown Over ‘Fake News’ As Democrats Take House

On Wednesday morning, after the Democrats took control of the House in the midterm elections, President Donald Trump attacked the press, both on Twitter and in a press conference. That’s not unusual, as he tends to do that fairly often. But in this case, he seemed to be angry that the press was reporting on the Democrats’ success, tweeting, “To any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great Midterm Election, just remember two words — FAKE NEWS!”

It doesn’t seem as if Trump is aware that it’s not the press’ job to hand out to kudos or “credit,” but rather to just report the news. The Republicans did add to their Senate majority, but there’s absolutely nothing fake about the fact that the Democrats flipped the House.

On Twitter, Trump focused on the Republican wins, which he, of course, took credit for. Trump expressed his belief that the Republicans who won did so because of his backing, and that those who lost their bids for reelection owe their losses to not embracing him fully.

During a press conference this morning, Trump talked about Democrats winning because so many Republicans were leaving. What he didn’t say is that many of those Republicans were leaving because they knew it wouldn’t go well for them.

Daniel Dale provided a play-by-play of the presser.

And then Trump went on to humiliate the Republicans who did lose, again going on about how it was because they didn’t accept his endorsement (although many of the people he endorsed did lose).

Ryan Costello, a retiring GOP Rep. from Pennsylvania, tweeted about how angry he was at Trump for going after the Republicans who lost.

After the press conference, Trump took questions from the crowd of reporters. He seemed surprised that they wanted to ask him stuff.

Trump was clearly hell-bent on ignoring the Democrats’ victory in the house.

To no one’s surprise, Trump got in a fight with CNN’s Jim Acosta (although this was definitely a nasty one).

Trump called one reporter “racist” three times when she asked him a question about him calling himself a “nationalist.”

All in all, the press conference was completely bonkers. Trump stuck to ignoring the fact that the Democrats won the House, and he also spent a fair amount of time criticizing the media, which he claims used to be called the press.


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Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.