Trump Melts Down Over SNL Rerun, Accuses Show Of Working With Russia

It’s Sunday so naturally the leader of the free world is busy resting and reviewing important documents so he can be prepared to lead our country and make vital decisions in the week ahead….Just kidding he’s freaking out about a rerun of SNL that aired last night.

In his weekly SNL meltdown Trump bashed the program for “knocking” him “over & over” without mentioning “the other side.” He also echoed his previous, chilling remarks about how the show should face “retribution” by saying SNL was like “an advertisement without consequences.”

Then he got specific, wondering whether shows that make fun of him should be investigated for “collusion” with the Democrats and “of course Russia!”

Trump echoing the same charges being made against him suggest this is apparently both a rant and his version of a joke.  Might want to leave it to the professionals there buddy.

But ranting about SNL for the umpteenth time was just Trump’s warm up act. He then segued into talking about the Steele dossier and beating up on his favorite deceased target, John McCain.

Amazingly he couldn’t resist a remark about McCain’s academic record from his naval academy, calling him “last in his class,”  despite it now being known that Trump threatened his own alma mater not to release his (likely terrible) grades.

The POTUS’s ongoing feud with both a comedy show and a dead man almost made the inevitable roasts too easy.

As many pointed out last night’s SNL wasn’t even a new episode. Trump was freaking out about a re-run.

It’s amazing that none of the reports we’ve gotten on Donald Trump’s health have mentioned his medically worrying thin skin condition.