Trump Shares Image Showing Obama, Clintons Behind Bars For Treason

Donald’s Trump’s anxiety over the Mueller investigation reaches new heights daily.

Wednesday morning it was manifested via a bonkers late-night meme shared to the president’s Twitter account showing Democratic figures such as Barack Obama, both Clintons, and special counsel Robert Mueller himself behind bars for “treason.

The meme was originally posted by a right-wing Trump fan page called ‘The Trump Train’ and is captioned, “Now that Russia collusion is a proven lie, when to the trials for treason begin?”

Altogether, there are eleven figures shown behind bars. In order of appearance from left to right: Bob Mueller, John Podesta, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Eric Holder, James Clapper, James Comey, Bill Clinton, and Susan Rice.

Just minutes earlier, Trump lambasted mainstream media and Mueller’s Russia investigation.

“While the disgusting Fake News is doing everything within their power not to report it that way, at least 3 major players are intimating that the Angry Mueller Gang of Dems is viciously telling witnesses to lie about facts & they will get relief,” wrote the president on Twitter.  “This is our Joseph McCarthy Era!”

Trump went on to retweet several more tweets by The Trump Train account, the first attacking General Motors for deciding to close a number of car factories in red states, the second spreading the false claim that illegal immigrants receive thousands of dollars in federal assistance, and the third scolding CNN and large-rock chucking “criminal illegals.”

He went on to retweet a post from a Mike Pence fan Twitter account (self-named ‘VP FAN,’ if you can believe it) which read: “I’m thankful for every day Hillary Clinton is not President!”

Many on Twitter couldn’t help but see Trump’s desperate meme-ing as a clear sign of guilt.

Others remarked on the fact that Rod Rosenstein—who is still Trump’s acting Deputy Attorney General—is featured in the image.

Some just pleaded for the impossible: that the president stop embarrassing us for just one lousy day.

This is going to be an interesting week.