Protestors Blocked President Trump’s Motorcade In Pittsburgh

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump traveled to Pittsburgh, PA, to pay his respects (if he actually has any) to the victims of Saturday’s anti-Semitic massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue, which took the lives of 11 people. He did this despite the fact that basically everyone in Pittsburgh asked him not to.

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CNN national correspondent Miguel Marquez, who was covering the protest in Squirrel Hill, said he was surprised at both “how big” and “how quickly” the anti-Trump protest grew.

In the video, Marquez says, “We have seen little more than tears in this neighborhood today, and it has turned to anger as the day has moved on, as people realize that the President is coming.” He added that the protest wasn’t planned before 24 hours ago, and they weren’t sure how many people were going to come. It ended up being thousands.

Police tried to clear a path for Trump’s motorcade but must have eventually given up, as Marquez said that the President had “moved off in another direction.”

According to the Washington Post, Trump offered to visit with the family of one of the victim’s, Daniel Stein, but Stein’s nephew, Stephen Halle, explained that the family declined partly because of Trump suggesting, right after the shooting, that the synagogue should have had an armed guard. “He was blaming the community,” Halle said.

The families of the victims weren’t the only ones who didn’t want to see Trump. Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer all declined to join Trump for the visit.

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Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.