Trump Now Panicking That Stone Will Flip To Mueller

The big headline on Friday was President Trump’s former campaign advisor and current Dick Tracy villain Roger Stone being arrested by the FBI in a pre-dawn raid.

While the flamboyant Stone seems to be enjoying himself the President did not take the news of yet another one of his associates being brought in by the FBI particularly well.

On Twitter, along with his usual fare of complaining about media bias and rhyming about the wall, the President’s nervous tweets about Stone stood out.

Trump brought up his two favorite non-wall related topics: 1) Fake News and 2) Hillary Clinton while distancing himself from Stone, saying “Roger Stone didn’t even work for me anywhere near the Election!” and capping the tweetstorm off with a “WITCH HUNT!” for good measure.

So what –  other than Stone’s dramatic arrest and the possible contents of his electronic devices – has Trump sweating so badly?

According to reports it may be the fear that Stone will flip and cooperate with Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s Russia ties that has the POTUS so rattled. With more and more Trump associates being charged and found guilty for campaign-related crimes, the net seems to be tightening around the embattled Trump.

For his part Stone did little to ease the president’s fears in a recent TV appearance, saying that the question of whether or not he’d cooperate with Mueller was something he would have to decide with his lawyers.

According to the same report, courtesy of Raw Story,  Trump’s son, Don Jr., is also worried that he’ll be next to be brought in by Mueller as the members of Trump World who have yet to be indicted or charged with crimes becomes an ever smaller group.

On a similar, Stone-related, note; if you missed Steve Martin’s appearance as Roger Stone on this weekend’s SNL you can watch it here, although the real show-stopper is Kate McKinnon as Wilbur Ross.

h/t: Raw Story