Trump Official Blasted With Air Horn For Saying Seismic Testing Doesn’t Harm Whales

A Trump official was blasted, literally, with an air horn, for stating that seismic air gun tests in the ocean would have “next to no effect” on the endangered species that live there. A viral video clip of the hearing on seismic testing almost immediately gets to Rep. Joe Cunningham lifting up an air horn and blasting the entire chambers while everyone (too late) reaches up to cover their ears.

There’s something about using an air horn to make a political point that is so funny and it should happen a lot more often.

The horn was aired after a Trump official repeatedly stated that blasting seismic guns in the territory of right whales and other animals that use echolocation to navigate the waters would be no big deal. After setting off the air horn, Cunningham looks over at the Trump official and asks: “Was that disruptive, Mr. Oliver?”

Cut to Mr. Oliver, who sits there for a moment looking rather nonplussed before calling the blast “irritating.”

“It was irritating, but I didn’t find it particularly disruptive,” he says.

“How about every 10 seconds,” says Cunningham, “like seismic air gun blasting goes on for days, weeks, months?”

“If I were that close to it, yeah, probably,” Oliver concedes.

He pretty much had to admit to that being disruptive. Otherwise, he would have had environmental activists outside of his house with air horns all night long. Honk honk, Mr. Oliver.

Seismic blasting is used to look for oil and gas deposits in the ocean, which environmentalists are also not fond of. Oil companies, their lobbyists, and politicians in their pockets have long argued that this is not disruptive to animals like the right whale, which is endangered, and uses echolocation in order to do things like find food, keep track of the baby whales, identify predators or mates, avoid boats, etc. Animals that use echolocation are basically using their ears as their eyes, so seismic blasting is like humans getting blinded by an extremely bright flash of light every 10 seconds.

And although whales might not be right next to the seismic air guns all the time, those guns are 16,000 times louder than an air horn.

People are loving this example of creative testimony. Even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gave Rep. Cunningham a shout out.

Unsurprisingly, Ocasio-Cortez’s followers are loving it so much that they’re asking for more.

Even Comedy Central got into the mix, thanks to Ocasio-Cortez’s well-placed Chappelle reference.