Trump Just Threw A Typo-Filled Temper Tantrum Over Robert De Niro Yelling ‘F**k Trump’ At The Tonys

Despite his very busy (and considerably embarrassing) weekend, Donald Trump has still managed to find time to throw a Twitter hissy-fit over someone who dared to say something mean about him.

In case you missed it, Robert De Niro made waves on Sunday evening at the Tony Awards when he greeted the audience by saying “F**k Trump.” (Much to the dismay of American censors.)

De Niro received a standing ovation from both the audience at the Tonys and his fans on Twitter.

Of course, knowing Trump and his tendency to rise to pretty much any bait, it was only a matter of time before the president responded.

On Tuesday, shortly after the disastrous G7 summit and the meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, Trump tweeted out a response to De Niro which can only be described as nonsensical:

Yes. While attempting to cast aspersions on De Niro’s intelligence, Trump used the incorrect form of “too,” utilized unnecessary capitalization and punctuation, and tossed in what I can honestly say is one of his less-inspired bad nicknames.

Twitter was all too happy to chime in and correct Trump’s grammar:

And let’s not forget that Trump will find the times to respond to a cursory insult from a celebrity, but still has yet to comment on Puerto Rico or the fact that it’s LGBTQ Pride Month.

I can only hope that this childish Twitter rant might result in an actual, physical boxing match between Robert De Niro and Donald Trump.

I am fairly confident as to who would win.