Trump Retweets QAnon Video Via Larry The Cable Guy Because Everything Is Dumb As Hell

Sigh. President Trump retweeted a video from a QAnon conspiracy theorist via Larry the Cable Guy, the sleeveless stand-up comedian whose catchphrase is “Git ‘er done.”

The video is from March of 2017 and depicts a child getting an uncomfortably “thorough” pat down from a TSA agent. The boy’s mother originally shared the video two years ago, saying her son had a “sensory processing disorder.”

Larry the Cable Guy appears to have gotten the video from conspiracy theorist James Woods, who was locked out of his Twitter account last summer for sharing hoaxes. Woods got the video from the account “Deep State Exposed” run by QAnon conspiracy theorist Jeremy Stone.

The QAnon conspiracy theory is a sprawling fever dream that combines elements of other conspiracies, including Pizzagate. An anonymous person who goes by the pseudonym “Q” posts vague “breadcrumbs” on 8chan leading his devotees to concoct wild theories about “deep state” plots involving Democrats. One of the central tenets of the QAnon conspiracy theory is that high-profile Democrats, celebrities, and the mainstream news media are all engaged in a massive child sex trafficking plot and that Trump is going to arrest them, throw them in Gitmo, and try them in military tribunals in an event known as “the storm.”

“Deep State Exposed” added a follow-up tweet to the video claiming the TSA is involved in “mind control”:


According to the account’s bio, President Trump has retweeted “Deep State Exposed” nine times, including when Trump shared a meme mocking Hillary Clinton’s book What Happened.


The TSA released a statement defending its procedures when the video first surfaced two years ago.

While conservatives are running around screaming about being “silenced” on social media, it’s worth pointing out that spreading hoaxes and conspiracy theories is the exact behavior that gets them blocked.

Now let’s all give ourselves a pat on the back for somehow being alive during the stupidest time in history.

h/t: Washington Post