Trump Roasted For Horrid Climate Change ‘Joke’ On Amy Klobuchar

Trump continued his tradition of commenting on every new Democratic presidential candidate for 2020 by once against demonstrating that he doesn’t understand the basic science behind climate change. Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota formally announced her campaign in the pouring snow today — the perfect backdrop for a platform with a heavy emphasis on fighting climate change.

Donald Trump has clung to the idea that “global warming” can’t exist if it’s ever cold, ignoring the constant explanations by desperate Americans trying to get him to understand (or admit) that an overall warming of the climate results in more extreme temperatures and weather on both ends of the thermometer, for several years now. He did it again today by implying that the snowstorm  Klobuchar endured during her announcement is somehow evidence against climate change.

What she looks like is another strong woman in a growing field of awesome ladies eager to dethrone Trump.

The current President missed the opportunity to comment on the real issue facing Senator  Klobuchar, which is the allegations of abuse and general mistreatment from her former staffers. Anonymous sources told HuffPost that she was “habitually demeaning and prone to bursts of cruelty” when they worked for her. Her reputation was allegedly bad enough to make it difficult for her to find a campaign manager.

Then again, Trump commenting on allegations of abuse and cruelty likely would not have gone down any better for him, seeing as he was caught on tape admitting to sexual assault and has a habit of insulting and lashing out at anyone who stands up to him.

But instead of having a productive discussion about workplace abuse, let’s get back to trying to teach the President how climate works.

Let’s not forget about the fertile territory that is Trump’s aversion to bad weather. Can’t get his “hair” wet!

Klobuchar herself settled on a little of both.

Klobuchar to Trump: