Trump Got Slammed For Using A Picture Of A Parkland Survivor In A Fundraising Email

The survivors of the Parkland massacre continue to dunk on anyone who crosses them, but even so it seems some people can’t help it. Fox News hosts, alt-right conspiracy theorists, and the president himself have all been called out for dismissing, undermining, and attacking the teenage activists.

Trump sent out a fundraising email over the weekend using a picture of one of the teenagers who was injured in the shooting.

And fellow Parkland student Morgan Williams read the president the riot act for the email.

Trump’s tone-deafness has been called out by the Parkland survivors before. Samantha Fuentes said of the president’s phone call to her, “I’ve never been so unimpressed by a person in my life. He didn’t make me feel better in the slightest.” President Trump was also roasted after getting caught using a cheat sheet during a listening session with families of victims of mass shootings which included the bullet point “I hear you.”

This isn’t even the first time Trump’s used a mass shooting as an excuse to raise money.

There are several reasons this is insane, but an underrated one is that presidents don’t usually raise money for the re-election so early in their terms. Obama had been in office for two full years before he started raising money for reelection. Trump made sure his reelection campaign was ready to receive donations on the very first day of his presidency. In contrast, the “action” he’s taking on bump stocks (asking the Attorney General to look into banning them) comes four and a half months after the Las Vegas massacre made them infamous. It really shows you where his priorities are.