Trump Starts The Day By Misspelling ‘Hamburgers’ In Embarrassing Tweet

Last night, President Trump hosted the Clemson Tigers’ football team, winners of the National Championship, at the White House in the midst of the government shutdown. Trump treated the athletes to… fast food that he generously paid for out of his own pocket.

Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Domino’s pizza were all served on silver platters to the team:

Always “fiscally responsible” when it comes to his own money, it seems Trump might have taken advantage of McDonald’s 2-for-$5 menu:

Obviously, the lavish feast got mocked on Twitter:

But Trump was still pretty proud of himself:

So proud he decided to brag on Twitter about both the fast food and the fact that he paid for it. But because Trump is a few fries short of a combo meal, he somehow managed to misspell “hamburgers” making this officially the stupidest thing that’s ever happened:


And that got ridiculed too:

Someone eventually noticed the error, deleted the tweet, and reposted a correct one (as though the spelling mistake were the only embarrassing thing about this entire debacle). But the damage had been done.

Guess his brain shutdown along with the government.