Video Shows Trump Supporter Freak Out When Bar Refuses To Serve Him

Not everyone is comfortable with people wearing Make America Great Again hats. To a lot of people, the hats are threatening reminders of hate and prejudice.

But a man who was asked to remove his red MAGA cap at a bar in NYC last week just about lost his mind at the request. When he wouldn’t comply the bartender told him that he would no longer serve him drinks. The guy wouldn’t take the hat off, but he certainly wouldn’t leave quietly.

The man asked to remove his hat was none other than Don Cini, the Trump supporter who was banned from Disney World when he wouldn’t stop waving Trump 2020 banners. He filmed the bartender asking him to leave, and at one point decided that while he wasn’t okay taking off his hat, maybe he should just take off his pants?

He doesn’t go through with it, thank goodness, but he’s beyond obnoxious. He pretends a few times not to understand why the bartender doesn’t like the hat, asking, “Is it because the hat’s red? Or is it because you hate America?”

Cini also called the bartender a “soy boy” a few times, which is something men on the right call men on the left. It’s kind of like “cuck,” and it comes from the negative effects soy can have on male libido and physique.

Cini posted his recording on Facebook, writing, “I was kicked out of Jake’s Dilemma NYC, for wearing my MAGA visor. Share this, enough is enough!” He really thinks he’s a victim.

I was kicked out of Jake's Dilemma NYC, for wearing my MAGA visor. Share this, enough is enough!

Posted by Dion Cini on Thursday, March 7, 2019

The comments on the post were a mixed bag. Many Trump supporters felt Cini was in the right…

…but even some of them had to admit he was being completely obnoxious.

Some people didn’t seem to understand that the bar does have the right to refuse service to anyone.

And people on the left pointed out what a jerk Cini was being in general.

Let’s all just be glad that no one took their pants off.

h/t: Raw Story


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.