Trump Supporter Says She Will ‘Finish What Hitler Started And Kill Everyone’

“Did you hear that Donald Trump announced his candidacy to president today. Donald Trump is gonna be our next president, guys, it’s gonna be bitchin.”

So kicks off a video tweeted out by account @BigGrinFilms, one which features a woman who may or may not be mentally ill (the former seems likely).

The clip, just over a minute long, shows the woman listing the types of people she dislikes (spoiler alert: all of them.)

“Well, I don’t like Jews, I don’t like black people, I don’t like Hispanics, and I hate 95% of white people,” she says. Pausing for a minute to think, the woman continues “just because I can.”

What ensues is several rambling sentences, until the man behind the camera prompts, “and now your life. We want to know about your life.”

“Well, so far it’s not much, it’s been pretty sh*tty, but one day I’m going to take it over and I’m going to indeed finish what Hitler started and kill everyone. And I’m going to succeed this time. All of you are going to die anyway, so f*ck it.”

Big Grin Films captioned the video “Trump supporter is ‘Going to finish what Hitler started and kill everyone.’ Shame shame we’re going to find your name. Lets make her infamous guys. You know what to do. ⭕️Retweet⭕️ #ResistTrump”

Many of the comments on the tweet argue that the video served only to further alienate and punish a woman who is clearly suffering from mental health problems. “Yeah this isn’t someone to take a flaming torch lynch mob to, gang. This is someone who is unwell and in need of help,” wrote @kessbd. “Instead of framing up for hunt and go kill, let’s frame it up for hunt and go hug and lead gently to someone more qualified.”

Many weren’t sure blasting the woman would help her or anybody else.

But many, many others argued that the woman may be a legitimate threat to herself or to others—may have access to children or to firearms—and needs to be identified and found in order to benefit herself and others.


Others still argued that assuming the woman is mentally ill just equates mental illness with xenophobia and that she may simply be a hateful, rather than sick, individual.

What do you think?