Trump Supporter Arrested For Throwing A Bucket Of Sh*t At The Red Hen While Shouting ‘Make America Great Again’

Ah, this must be the civil discourse the Trump supporters are always talking about.

In the wake of the controversy over the owner of the Red Hen kicking Sarah Huckabee Sanders to the curb for her role in the Trump administration’s cruel child internment policy, Fox News set up shop outside the restaurant in Lexington, Virginia:

The cameras zoomed in on a sign in the window of the Red Hen that read “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend,” a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Fox correspondent Doug McKelway droned, “Some say the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson did not live up to those words when she asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to leave Friday night for no reason other than her political views.” Again, the owner asked Sanders to leave because neither her nor her staff felt comfortable serving someone complicit in the Trump administration’s vicious anti-immigrant and anti-LGBTQ policies.

Despite nothing of note going on, Fox News’ crack reporting team stayed on the scene, just in case anyone wanted to get on national TV by venting their spleen at the establishment. Fox practically issued an invitation, broadcasting when the restaurant was set to open and teasing live hits.

And boy did it pay off! The light and heat from Fox News eventually drew out the most batsh*t Trump supporters to incoherently rage at the farm-to-table restaurant, which it turns out won’t re-open again until after the July 4th holiday. Pro-Trump agitators came out bearing bigoted signs that saying gay and lesbian “demons” would “burn”:

Somehow I don’t think Fox is going to do an overly dramatic zoom-in on these signs with a condescending moralistic voiceover.

A handful of demonstrators stood in the rain in front of the empty restaurant toting Trump flags and a sign for the neo-Confederate racist GOP Senate candidate Corey Stewart, currently polling almost 20 points behind his democratic opponent:

Soon, more protesters joined them and one grown man threw a bucket of chicken feces at the restaurant shouting “Make America great again!”

Ah, the “civil” Trump supporters. I wonder how many buckets of sh*t they’ll need to toss until America is officially “great” again.

Here’s a close up of America being made great again:

And here’s Fox News reporting on their successful attempt to draw Trump supporters out to protest the restaurant:

Doug McKelway reports the fact that a Trump supporter was arrested for throwing a “bucket of chicken manure” at the eatery before tossing to Bret Baier. Neither man felt the need to call out the incivility of dumping literal sh*t on the doorstep of a restaurant.

Then some more pro-Trump protesters came out lecturing the Red Hen owner about the need to learn “love and tolerance,” one assumes she means love and tolerance for those responsible for jailing children, and not the actual children being jailed.

You can’t make this stuff up, but Fox News does its level best to make it happen.