Trump Supporters Are Now Trying To Crowdfund The Wall And The Responses Are Hilarious

I’m very sorry to have to tell you that “The Deplorable Choir” is at it again. I really wish they could take a holiday from churning out skull-smashingly stupid songs that amount to regurgitated MAGA memes set to canned bluegrass music, but sadly it’s not to be. Their latest track is just as bad as all the others, although this time they’ve added a new grifting component, begging their gullible fans to part with their money in order to fund a wall that’s not needed and will never get built. At this point it’s touch to tell who’s scamming who.

In the past, the Deplorable Choir has sung ear-bleeding ballads suggesting that Obama and Hillary Clinton are going to jail because they’re the one’s guilty of the REAL collusion.

Lead Deplorable Lady also buys into the conspiracy theory that the MAGA bomber was some sort of plant by the Democrats.

Because the stickers on the MAGA bomber’s garishly decorated Trump-mobile looked new, she concludes it couldn’t have been a real Trump supporter. This was the same insane conspiracy theory Rush Limbaugh was winkingly promoting immediately after the MAGA bomber’s capture.

Now the group is back with their latest cursed straight-to-YouTube hot garbage single, “Build The Wall Song” (or maybe it’s called “Brick By Brick”? Tough to tell! These MAGA grifters really need better branding.)

In the song, they disgustingly use families who have lost loved ones to push a false anti-immigrant narrative (immigrants commit crimes at lower levels than native-born Americans) and also blame Mexico for the opioid epidemic, which is a hot load of bullsh*t.

Aside from the fact Trump promised Mexico would pay for it, the 501(c)3 group they’re raising money for, the “America Border Foundation,” has already been told by the Department of Homeland Security “thanks but no thanks” for their efforts to build said wall.

“[W]hile we appreciate the support of the America Border Foundation towards our efforts in securing our nation’s borders, we unfortunately do not have the resources to process external donations at this time,”​ the letter read.

The group is also headed up by a certified (and certifiable) QAnon conspiracy theorist and it seems like it’s probably a big scam!

These groups aren’t supposed to spend money on political activities and since it seems like no one in the government is going to actually take their money, it’s likely that the funds will be used for, um, “other” things.

The song, which again is truly, truly awful, got savagely roasted on Twitter: