People Can’t Stop Laughing At This Trump Supporter’s Bonkers Breakfast Meal

Trump supporters don’t care about his tax returns but they’re passionate about getting a protein-filled breakfast…maybe a little too passionate.

Fox News was doing one of their gripping “Breakfast With Friends” segments in which they ask a series of pro-Trump diner patrons their views on the political questions of the day when they got more than a mouthful.

While “Johnny: Retired truck driver” said he didn’t give “a rear-end” about Trump’s tax returns, if the meal in front of him is any indication he clearly cares deeply about eating nearly a dozen eggs a day.

Viewers couldn’t help but notice that the man’s plate was overflowing with ova.

It just…stood out.

And the memes and reactions flowed like kitchen grease off a warm skillet.

But wait!

A keen-eyed observer came up with an answer to the mystery of the many-egged breakfast. It seems the man may have been in the middle of a “5 lb. breakfast challenge” when Fox interrupted him, which must have been deeply annoying.

According to a description the challenge offers the diner a free breakfast if they can consume “10 eggs, 8 pancakes, hash browns, 3 pieces of bacon and sausage, a slice of ham, and 2 slices of texas (sic) toast” all within one hour.”