Trump Supporters Freaking Out Because AOC Made The Cover Of TIME Magazine

If you follow TIME Magazine on Twitter, you might have seen a brief video this morning unveiling their latest cover, which is entirely dedicated to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The cover is dominated by a gorgeous photo of her from the chest up, looking into the distance with a serious expression as though she’s considering the best way to save humanity from the looming climate apocalypse. The caption reads, “The Phenom: How Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became America’s lightning rod.”

If you were a Trump supporter, you were very offended by this, judging by the number of angry and bitter responses with an undercurrent of the fear of having one’s unfair advantages taken away. Some of them declared that they were canceling their TIME subscriptions, as though any Trump supporter had ever subscribed to TIME Magazine. Especially since there are more TIME covers depicting Trump as half Putin or a melting face or standing in front of a small crying Latina child than there are ones that make him look at all good.

But profiling a smart, successful, and fearless Latina woman in a positive light? That’s too much, apparently.

Ocasio-Cortez herself praised TIME for avoiding the whitewashing of her skin on the cover, which has been a problem with many magazines in the past whenever a person of color shows up in a photograph.

But what you’re really here for is all the sad Trump supporter tweets and people making fun of them. Enjoy!

Buckle up, Trumpers. It’s going to be a long future of accessible healthcare and not dying in a massive climate change-fueled storm.