Ohio Trump Supporters Furious At Trump After GM Plant Closes

Outside of a well-done steak smothered in ketchup there’s nothing Donald Trump likes better than a nice, restrictive tariff. His refrain during the 2016 campaign and beyond was that America was getting duped, pantsed, and swirlied by bad trade deals with other countries and that his nationalist economic policies would right the ship.

Those promises helped him win key votes in auto-manufacturing states like Ohio that had previously been carried by Barack Obama.

Well now, according to Rawstory, General Motors is closing five factories and laying off an eye-watering 15,000 workers despite Trump’s moves.

And Trump supporters are not happy about it.

According to Rawstory, David Green, president of United Auto Workers Local 1112, had this to say:

“He came to our community and said: ‘Don’t sell your house. These jobs are coming back.”

And yet…

“We’ve seen nothing but job losses around here.”

It’s almost like placing the economic fate of millions of working class people in the small pink hands of a man who has been rich and comfortable his entire life was a BAD choice.

Of course not everyone was very sympathetic to those who believed Trump’s claims and are now facing the consequences in the form of massive layoffs.

According to Trump he “doesn’t like” that thousands of jobs will be lost and he’s being “very tough” to ensure they come back. Whatever the hell that means.

Of course some diehards are staying on the Trump Train until it hurtles off the cliff

Sadly there’s no tariff on stupidity.

h/t: Rawstory