Trump Threatens To Shut Border After Mild Criticism From Fox News

The baby president is throwing his toys again.

Trump send out a triumvirate of tweets on Friday about his favorite non-Hillary Clinton topic: the Southern border.

Trump began in his usual fashion by blaming the Democrats and Congress for illegal immigration before pivoting somewhat alarmingly and threatening to to close the border “next week.”

To understand the reasoning behind the sudden threat, you have to understand Trump’s mind-body connection to Fox News.

As has been pointed out before it often happens that whatever is said on Fox tends to magically issue from the President’s mouth not long after. It’s almost like the opinion of a few angry old prunes is all the man cares about.

Well it turns out that Trump-whisperer and XL bobblehead Lou Dobbs called for Trump to immediately close the border just last night. And today Trump is suddenly threatening to close the border. That is so weird. I wonder if there’s a connection.

No puppet! No puppet!

Twitter was quick to call Trump’s bluff, doubting he’d follow through considering the economic toll it would take.

Even Stephen King chimed in with a writerly diss.

Trump’s fans, of course, were loving it.

But most people fell somewhere between disgust and disbelief.

Wait a second…if Trump can simply close the border at any time why does he need a dang wall??