Trump Troll Permanently Banned From Twitter For Series Of Stupid Choices

USA Today published an interview with infamous pro-Trump Twitter troll Jacob Wohl this morning and in it, he gleefully admits to spreading lies on his Twitter account.

Regarding his effort to “birther” Democratic Senator Kamala Harris, Wohl admits that “15 to 18 percent” of people believed his lie that she was ineligible to serve as president, which made the effort, in his estimation, “not a bad campaign.”

Wohl also (finally!) admitted all of those obviously bullsh*t “liberal coffee shop” tweets were, in fact, bullsh*t. “I’ll literally hear one thing and I’ll flip it 180 degrees,” he said.



USA Today also reports that the woman at the center of Wohl’s effort to sling mud at Special Counsel Robert Mueller now claims she was paid by the 21-year-old fraudster to lie. She’s alleging Wohl offered her $2,000 to fabricate sexual assault claims against Mueller, who referred the matter to the FBI for investigation. (Whoops!)

Later in the interview, Wohl weirdly (and laughably) tried to spin his failed ploy to smear Mueller as an attempt to trick the media into thinking he was trying to smear Mueller. (So mission accomplished, I guess?)

But Wohl wasn’t done incriminating himself! He went on to regale USA Today with his plans for the 2020 presidential election, which include starting fake social media accounts.

“[Wohl] says he plans to create ‘enormous left-wing online properties’ – such as deceptive Facebook and Twitter accounts – ‘and use those to steer the left-wing votes in the primaries to what we feel are weaker candidates compared with Trump.’”

Unfortunately for Wohl, it seems admitting his secret plans to a national media outlet might not have been the smartest idea. Wohl was permanently banned from Twitter hours after the interview was published for—you guessed it!—operating fake accounts.

According to NBC News, one of the fake handles Wohl was using for his truly genius subterfuge was a ‘Women for Howard Schultz’ account, because everyone knows women love vague, left-punching ‘centrism’ from entitled billionaires!

Now that Wohl’s been banned, he’s missing out on all of the real Twitter accounts dunking on him for being, among other things, the stupidest person on the planet.

Goodbye, MAGA nerd! We’ll all miss your astonishingly stupid self-defeating tweets.

h/t: USA Today, NBC News