Trump Tweets About Masturbation On Easter Weekend

Donald Trump has no chill.

It’s Easter Weekend, and while he did take some time for a relaxing round of golf with America’s conscience, Rush Limbaugh, Trump has mainly been spending the holiday angrily blasting out indignant tweets about the Mueller investigation.

Never one to respect the decorum of any office Trump has also been going blue lately, calling the charges against him “bullsh*t” and retweeting a tweet to his 59 million followers that contained the term “circle jerk,” a reference to group masturbation.

Of course in context the term is often used as a vulgar synonym for groupthink, in this case a charge being leveled at Trump’s Public Enemy Number 1: the “Fake News” media, as well as his political opponents on the left.

Nevertheless a sitting president blasting out the term “circle jerk” raised eyebrows.

On Easter weekend no less.

This is, of course, the same president that Michele Bachmann recently described as “Godly,” an opinion shared by other thought-leaders like Lou Dobbs and the My Pillow Guy.

h/t: HuffPost