Trump Threw A Tantrum About How Many Twitter Followers He’s Lost

When he wasn’t whining about how one of the largest right-wing terrorist incidents in history was hurting Republicans in the midterms, Trump spent the morning whining about losing Twitter followers.


While it was initially unclear what, if anything, Trump was concerned about, it soon became apparent that he was just live-tweeting a Fox channel, like usual.

The decline in Trump’s followers comes from Twitter taking a harder stance on bots, which aren’t really followers but fake accounts. Twitter has been playing wack-a-mole with bot accounts since the 2016 election, when it came to light that Russia was using Twitter bots in to influence American voters. More recently, Twitter shut down a bot network that was pushing pro-Saudi Arabia misinformation about the murder of Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi.

Twitter wasted no time roasting our small-minded president, while agreeing that tweeting about a decline in followers is a pretty pathetic way for the supposed leader of the free world to spend his time:

While Trump likes to say his Twitter account is an effective way to “bypass” mainstream media and get his message out to his followers, in reality only a tiny fraction of voters actually follow him on Twitter and an even smaller fraction reads all his tweets. (Trump’s follower count of 55 million is still only around half of President Obama’s.) The mainstream media Trump claims to want to bypass actually does the bulk of the work in ensuring the vitriol of his tweets gets spread to a national audience.

Oh well, at least wasn’t tweeting something that could inspire the next right-wing terrorist.