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Trump Has Temper Tantrum Over End To Gerrymandering In PA

When the Republicans took over every branch of Pennsylvania’s government in the 2010 elections they quickly went to work ensuring their party’s hold on power would continue. The Pennsylvania GOP illegally redrew the state’s congressional districts to help Republicans and hurt Democrats. They did it by grouping heavily Democratic areas together to concentrate the Democratic vote in a few areas, diluting the party’s power elsewhere in the state.

The resulting map produced 13 seats that were safe for Republicans and 5 that were safe for Democrats. Twelve of the resulting Republican districts were more Republican than the rest of the country, even though Pennsylvania leans blue.

National Atlas via Vox

Taking a look at the map, you can see why it was called “the gerrymander of the decade.” Check out all those oddly shaped districts many spilling across country lines, twisting and turning into unnatural contortions.

And it paid off big time. Democrats in House races ran ahead of Barack Obama in 2012, taking 51% of the vote, but they only won 5 of the 18 districts. More Pennsylvanians voted for Democrats, but more Republicans went to Washington to represent them. The sate supreme court found that the gerrymander was too partisan and ordered a fairer, more compact map.

After several legal battles, the resulting map was released earlier this week.


It doesn’t take a genius to see the new map is much more compact than the old gerrymandered one. In fact, this map STILL benefits the GOP, Trump won 10 of these 18 districts.

But Republicans aren’t happy with a map with that gives them 10 safe seats to the Democrats’ 8 in a state where most people vote Democrat, so the GOP is now threatening to impeach the judges who ordered it. The GOP efforts to fight a fairer, more compact map are a microcosm of the overall party’s tilt toward radical norm-breaking and ignoring the rule of law.

Even so-called “moderate” GOP Senator Pat Toomey joined the chorus calling it a “conversation that has to happen.”

While the president hasn’t joined in the call to impeach the judges (yet), he’s still taking up their cause, thanks to a Saturday afternoon Fox News binge-watching session

During his latest period of “executive time,” when Trump passively consumes Fox News propaganda, he started tweeting about Pennsylvania’s map.

While it’s nice of Trump to tag his favorite state media in the tweet, we actually don’t even need it to know he was watching Fox News:


The segment featured a member of the right-wing Wall Street Journal’s editorial board calling the slightly GOP-tilted map a “coup.” The president is urging the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case to reverse the fairer map while attacking the judges who ordered it as partisan. We’re really through the looking glass here.

Twitter piled on:

As someone pointed out, the U.S. Supreme Court has already refused to take the case:

So he’s probably out of luck for now, but I guarantee that won’t stop him from joining calls for impeaching judges in the future. It might be the only way to stop his own.