Trump May Have Committed A Crime During His Latest Twitter Meltdown

As Mueller’s investigation into foreign interference during the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s role in it heats up, the president seems increasingly unhinged. It seems like each day brings a fresh new anti-Mueller tirade and more evidence of Trump’s reliance on Russia for help securing the presidency. Today he lashed out at his former attorney Michael Cohen for flipping on him and praised his “dirty tricks” bag man Roger Stone for refusing to testify. He may have committed some more crimes in the process.

President Trump spent the morning having another one of his increasingly frequent public meltdowns over the Mueller investigation.

Trump also let everyone know he thinks witnesses who admitted to criminal activity in the course of implicating him should be punished.

He’s also recommending his former personal attorney go to jail for the crimes they both allegedly committed, which is pretty extraordinary. Also, who is “Scott Free” and why can’t our president figure out proper capitalization?

As though that weren’t enough to send the message to would-be Mueller cooperators, he then identified the “proper” way to respond to a Mueller subpoena—by obstructing justice.

Got that? Testifying under oath against Trump = bad. Refusing to testify under oath = good and gutsy. Unfortunately, Mueller no doubt has loads of evidence to verify any statements made by Cohen and Manafort. Mueller recently recommended Manafort be sentenced for continuing to make false statements after he signed a cooperation agreement. Many people speculated Manafort’s bizarre reversal was a desperate attempt to secure a pardon from Trump, and the fact that Manafort shared information with Trump’s legal team after agreeing to cooperate with the prosecution certainly suggests as much.

Trump then tried to recast Mueller (again) as some kind of rogue Democratic operative, rather than the lifelong Republican he actually is.

Unfortunately, Trump may have committed yet another crime in posting his little tantrum—witness tampering:

By dangling pardons in front of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone in exchange for their silence, Trump seems to be obstructing justice yet again by trying to prevent witnesses from testifying against him.

People noticed Trump’s brazen broad-daylight attempt to silence witnesses and reward his alleged co-conspirators:

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George just straight-up tweeted the relevant section of the U.S. Code Trump’s tweet may have violated:

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As journalist Julian Sanchez pointed out, this public law-breaking could be part of a strategy by Trump to hide his shady dealings in plain sight:

Regardless, it’s still most likely still a crime and it’s definitely an unethical abuse of office.