Trump Just Made An Embarrassing Typo In The Title Of His Sloppy Immigration Executive Order

If you thought things couldn’t get embarrassing enough for Trump and the rest of our country, they just did.

Donald Trump is not good at spelling things. For example he once misspelled his own wife’s name in a tweet.

And these examples are from just a couple weeks ago, which are actually still up on his Twitter feed.

His administration is no better, with Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos’s own department tragically misspelling her title in their official snapchat account:

But now Trump is misspelling words in his own executive orders, and it’s embarrassing. Earlier today Trump announced he would be signing “something” to deal with the crisis he created on the border by caging migrant children separated from their parents:

Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be taking the humanitarian crisis that seriously, acting more like a sullen teenager than the Commander-in-Chief, which doesn’t bode well:

And true to form, the Trump White House made a gobsmacking typo right in the headline of the executive order:

It’s “SEPARATION” not “SEPERATION”! It’s not like nearly every device imaginable has spellcheck AND autocorrect now. In fact, I had to type the misspelled word twice just to get it in this post. If you’re interested in a running list of the White House’s typos, here’s one.

People weren’t so much surprised as they were disappointed:

If you think that’s bad, they ALSO misspelled the word in the the website address. After the White House blasted the link out to press they corrected the misspelling in the URL, which means they just sent around a bunch of links to nowhere:

So yeah, it doesn’t seem like he’s really done his homework and—just like his hastily written travel ban—his sloppy family detention executive order is definitely going to be challenged in court. What an embarrassment.

Just another red letter day in the good ol’ U S of A!