Trump Broke Up With Ann Coulter On Twitter After She Called Him A ‘Joke’

Trump used to follow 46 people on Twitter—but now?—now he only follows 45. He unfollowed one of his biggest boosters in a huff last night, Ann Coulter.

The reason for President Petty’s Twitter diss was Coulter’s whiny tantrum about not getting a southern border wall.

Specifically, Trump lost Coulter because he appeared to backtrack on his very dumb plan of shutting down the government to try to get his border wall built. He’s also switched from demanding a “wall” to demanding “artistically designed steel slats,” another deal-breaker for Coulter.

The conservative pundit vented her engorged spleen on a right-wing podcast calling Trump’s presidency a “joke” and saying he wouldn’t have a legacy (wow, seems like someone’s forgetting all the crimes he did).

“Why would you [vote for Trump again]?” she asked. “To make sure, I don’t know, Ivanka and Jared can make money? That seems to be the main point of the presidency at this point.”

(I guess she didn’t forget about the crimes after all!)

She also penned a truly blistering column listing all of Trump’s many many many many faults that could have been written by a liberal Democrat, if it weren’t for all the racist-y nonsense:

“In the end, we’ll probably find out ‘wall’ was Trump’s ‘safe word’ with Stormy Daniels. It’s just something he blurts out whenever he’s in trouble,” she wrote. (No need to click the link, it only makes her stronger.)

Other Trump allies have also turned on the president, both for the border wall retreat and for pulling U.S. forces out of Syria via Tweet. With Fox & Friends like these, amirite?

Unfortunately, Trump heard their voices (at least about the government shutdown) and backtracked again, saying he wouldn’t sign the Senate continuing resolution that doesn’t include funding for the wall.

If everyone sticks to their positions, it’s looking like the government will be shut down just as Trump heads to Mar-A-Lago for a three week Christmas vacation, which is just great optics. Then again, does the government even exist if Trump can’t see it?

h/t: The Hill