Trump Uses Months-Old Footage To Claim He’s Building His Border Wall

Feeling the pressure from the mounting legal battle over his National Emergency declaration, President Donald Trump announced in a series of tweets this week that work is being done on the U.S.-Mexico border wall. Just one problem: He used months-old footage of repairs on *existing* parts of the wall as evidence of his claims.

“We have just built this powerful Wall in New Mexico,” Trump tweeted Wednesday with a time-lapse video showing wall construction at the border in New Mexico. He wrote that this particular portion of the wall had been completed on Jan. 30, “47 days ahead of schedule” and that “many miles more” were currently under construction.

The next day, he tweeted that “THE WALL IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION RIGHT NOW!”

The footage tweeted by Trump actually shows work being done on the Santa Theresa Project Border Wall Replacement Project, a project upgrading a 20-mile stretch of pre-existing vehicle barriers to bollard-style fence, according to Task & Purpose.

According to MSNBC’s Brian Williams, the station’s affiliate in Albuquerque, NM, “immediately recognized the video from Santa Theresa, New Mexico and set us straight.”

“They said it’s replacement of existing fencing authorized by Congress back in 2017 and not the wall as we’ve come to know it,” Williams said, adding that “Daniel Dale of the Toronto Star, the official fact-checker in this area, told us in this very studio last week that no new wall construction is under way.”

“It’s a replacement project,” Mike Peterson, public affairs director for the Army Corps of Engineers’ South Pacific Division, told Task & Purpose. “I’ve been in this division for 12 years and we were doing border wall replacement work back then.”

In conclusion, the video Trump tweeted out does not show a wall, it shows a segment of existing fencing. And Mexico did not pay for this 20-mile fence—taxpayers did.

h/t The Huffington Post