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Trump Voters Furious After Realizing Trump’s Tax Plan Is Costing Them Money

Supporters of President Donald Trump have taken to Twitter in droves over the past few weeks to complain about Trump’s tax plan. They’ve just figured out that the 2017 GOP tax cut means that many middle-class Americans have to pay more in taxes because the bill eliminated some deductions they previously used to lower their annual tax payments.

For example, the tax bill capped deductions for taxes paid to local and state governments, while drastically increasing the amount of money a person has to donate in order to qualify for a charitable giving deduction.

These Trump voters are not shy about letting their disappointment in the president and in the Republican party be known.

Hopefully, the next time someone tries to explain to them that the “cut” part of tax cut was just for the very wealthy people, they’ll pay attention.

h/t: Raw Story


Written by Dean

Dean Altman is a writer living in NYC.