Trump Weighs In On Devastating Notre Dame Fire And Gets Roasted For It

The historic, centuries-old Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France caught fire today and first responders are currently struggling to put out the blaze. The church, which was built over 800 years ago, has already lost its spire in the tragic fire, which many are speculating started due to renovation work being done on the cathedral.

Our very dumb president seems to have been watching television at the time (shocking, I know), and felt the need to tweet some of his firefighting advice.

Folks on Twitter reacted with the kind of eyeball you’d expect, and many of them recalled Trump’s other phenomenally stupid firefighting advice. (When the California wildfires were raging, Trump blamed the state for not “raking” the forest floors like they do in Finland.)

Meanwhile, the QAnon conspiracy crowd decided to weigh in on what they think caused the fire and it’s just as dumb as you’d expect.

This timeline is truly, truly stupid and heartbreaking.

h/t: Telegraph