Trump Whines About Saturday Night Live, Threatens Legal Action Over Jokes

On Sunday morning President Trump lashed out at Saturday Night Live, calling the show a “Democratic spin machine” and even making legal threats…all because the mean comedy people made a jokie.

Yes, mired in multiple real scandals of his own, like the Russia investigation and illegal payoffs to porn stars, Trump insisted that the “REAL” scandal was…er…a comedy show’s coverage of him.

The reason for Trump’s latest whinefest was likely SNL’s 8-minute cold open, a sketch titled “It’s a Wonderful Trump” in which the show imagined a alternate reality in which Trump had never become president. Unlike in the original It’s A Wonderful Life  in which George Bailey is shown how much worse the world would be without him, in the SNL version Trump is shown a world that is of course much, much better without his influence.

It seems the lengthy sketch mocking every aspect of Trump’s presidency and featuring cameos from Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, and Robert DeNiro didn’t sit well with the president and caused him to lash out with his vague, authoritarian legal threats

Considering how much practice he’s had at being a bully you’d think Donald Trump would have internalized some basic lessons about not showing people that their criticisms hurt you. Furthermore as the President of the United States for the past two years you’d think he would have learned how to stay cool and collected in the face of challenges…and not instantly break down over jokes from a TV show.

But that would make far too much sense, instead Trump continues his open wound presidency, proving once again that he is incredibly thin-skinned, that every word and joke stings him, and that he is not above whining about it.

Nobody seemed impressed by the Baby President’s complaints that people in a democracy are allowed to criticize and make fun of their leaders.

Watch the sketch that caused today’s presidential tantrum for yourself here:

h/t: Rawstory

Photo Credit: Youtube