Trump Is Whining That He’s Home Alone On Christmas Eve

Trump’s been left home alone in the White House on Christmas Eve, according to one very sad President’s tweets this morning. He started at around 10 in the morning EST about how the Democrats he was talking to were all definitely in favor of the border wall, but two hours later, those Democrats had disappeared and he was left all alone (poor him).

Imagine having to work on Christmas Eve! It’s almost like his job is important or something.

While he was waiting for Democrats to figure out how to appeal to Trump’s ego just right, he took the time while he was alone in the Oval Office with nothing but the Twitter app on his iPhone to tweet about everything under the sun that had been bothering him this Christmas season. He tweeted about the criticism around his pulling out of Syria, he tweeted about the resignation and early removal of James Mattis, he tweeted about “the Fed” and even got out a burn about this non-human entity’s golf game.

He also tweeted about Brett McGurk, former top U.S. envoy in the global coalition to defeat ISIS who resigned after Mattis, after insisting that he doesn’t even care that McGurk left or even know who he is.

It’s okay, Trump. We’ve all told a lie like that when we’ve been dumped.

He finally stopped after 10 tweets. It hasn’t yet been confirmed whether this is because he was visited by some kind of Christmas-related ghost.

Hopefully, someone will visit Trump soon and he can head off to Mar-a-Lago for Christmas where maybe someone will talk to him. Of course, he might not be so alone right now if he hadn’t orchestrated a partial government shutdown, leaving hundreds of thousands of public sector workers without income around Christmas. The President gets paid whether he’s there or not. Poor him.

At least we can have the gift of Twitter responses as the economy crashes around us.

Maybe running for President wasn’t the best idea in the world. As it turns out, you actually have responsibilities and can’t take golf vacations whenever you want. The good news is that the President can resign whenever he wants and go back to running businesses into the ground instead of the entire country.