Trump Wishes America A Happy New Year In Multiple Videos And All Caps Twitter Post

Donald Trump would like to wish you a very good and very loud New Year. Late New Year’s Eve, he posted two videos shot from the White House in which he claimed to be working but wished everyone else a good time. It’s unclear how much of this alleged work involved Twitter.

In the first video he posted, which is only 11 seconds long, he says he’s “at the White House working” while “you’re out there partying,” but that’s okay, he understands, he just wants to wish you a “really really happy New Year.”

Unfortunately, that’s not all. He posted a second video, this time on the @WhiteHouse Twitter account, in which he promises that he only wants to wish us a “very very happy New Year,” and then immediately breaks that promise by talking more.

He says that this new year will be “complicated, but great” and then goes on to claim that “there has never been an administration – and I’m very proud of this – that’s done more than the Trump administration in the first two years of office.” For the record, this is the same statement that made the entire U.N. general assembly laugh at Trump during his speech last year.

“The economy is doing great,” he says, ignoring the alarming instability of the stock market and impending recession. “Wages are rising for the first time in many, many years,” he says, pretending that his own political party has been fighting against those wage increases tooth and nail the whole time. And forgetting that he just froze a modest pay increase for federal workers.

After he’s done bragging, Trump goes on to argue for his wall again.

“You don’t have borders, you don’t have a country,” he says, as though anyone is advocating for no borders at all. “We don’t want drug traffickers or human traffickers or illegal people with criminal records to come in.”

Trump did not comment on the two little children who have recently died in U.S. custody after fleeing from violence and poverty in Guatemala.

Then, this morning, Trump once again wished everyone a Happy New Year in an unnecessarily loud Twitter text post.

It wouldn’t be January 1 without Trump talking about the haters.

Is Twitter ready to “calm down and enjoy the ride”? No.

In two days, the newly elected Democrats take the House. Enjoy the ride!