The Face Of Anti-Gay Trump Dating Website Is A Convicted Pedophile

ICYMI, there now exists a new dating website for Trump supporters. You can’t be easily offended (?❄snowflake free zone?❄) and you can’t be gay, however you can be married, and you can also be a convicted child abuser. Welcome!

First, a little background: Trump.Dating is a free offering from Friends Worldwide, Inc., a network of premium dating websites representing “over 75 diverse dating communities.” It gained media coverage last week as people began pointing out that this “diversity” does not include options besides heterosexuality…

…But does include the choice of letting potential catches know whether you are (happily or unhappily) married:

As it turns out, this isn’t even the most offensive aspect of The most upsetting detail about the website, undoubtedly, is the fact that the first thing visitors see is the massive smirking face of convicted pedophile Barrett Riddleberger wearing a MAGA hat:

To be clear: The face of an anti-gay pro-Trump dating website is a pedophile who was convicted of filming himself having sex with an underage girl. Putting the mind-boggling hypocrisy of a pedophile’s distaste for the sexual preferences of consenting adults aside for a moment, WRAL reports Riddleberger was charged with “taking indecent liberties with a minor” when he made a sex tape of himself at 25 having having sex with a 15-year-old back in 1995.

The now-50-year-old Riddleberger told WRAL he would only talk to the outlet if they agreed to “discuss the present, not the past.” They did not consent, and he texted them to say he’s been “happily married” for 22 years and that “I’ve already paid my debt for something I did 25 years ago.”