Trump’s Rambling Oval Office Interview Has People Questioning His Mental Health

After meeting with the Secretary General of NATO today, Trump spoke with reporters in the Oval Office today about his (doomed) immigration wishlist.

“What we have to do is Congress has to meet quickly and make a deal.” Trump said. “We need to get rid of chain migration, we need to get rid of catch and release and visa lottery, and we have to do something about asylum, and—to be honest with you—[we] have to get rid of judges.”

Taken together, these policies would constitute a sweeping radical overhaul of our current immigration system. The last item—removing due process for alleged undocumented immigrants—would be plainly unconstitutional.

Civil rights and common sense concerns aside, none of these policies will pass Congress. Trump failed to get similar draconian immigration laws passed when Republicans controlled both houses and now that the Democrats have taken control of the House (in an election Trump tried to make about immigration), his immigration plans are D.O.A.

Despite this reality, Trump is still threatening to shut down the southern border unless Congress acts (his previous threat was to shut down the border unless Mexico and other Latin American countries acted). When asked about the economic impacts of such a shutdown, Trump admitted it would hurt the economy.

But there were a couple of other odd moments during the president’s remarks. First of all, he seems to either have forgotten either what country his father was born in or is lying about it. During his usual lies about Germany “not paying their fair share” of NATO dues, Trump claimed his father had been born there. He was not.

Then, during a response to a question about the (still unreleased) Mueller report, Trump seemed to struggle to pronounce the word “origins,” instead saying “oranges.”

“I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges—the oranges of the uh, uh, investigation—the beginnings of that investigation.” He later managed to get out the word “origins,” but it was definitely strange, and people noticed.

The two incidents, once again, raised concerns about Trump’s mental fitness.

Still, the most damning thing about this interview isn’t the words he can’t get out, it’s the ones he does get out. We’ve grown numb to it, but Trump’s authoritarian instincts coupled with his failure to grasp even the basics of Constitutional government are more than enough to declare him unfit for office.

h/t: Aaron Rupar