Trump’s Response To The ‘Tim Apple’ Fiasco Has People Comparing Him To Kevin From ‘The Office’

Last week at a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, Trump appeared to refer to Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple.”

A clip featuring the snippet of Trump’s apparent misnomer went viral, everyone laughed at our dumb water-brained president, Tim Cook changed his name to “Tim Apple” on Twitter, and then everyone moved on. Everyone except Trump, of course.

Over the weekend, Axios reported Trump regaled Republican donors with his version of how things went down at the meeting, assuring them he had actually said the name correctly.

”Trump told the donors that he actually said ‘Tim Cook Apple’ really fast, and the ‘Cook’ part of the sentence was soft. But all you heard from the ‘fake news,’ he said, was ‘Tim Apple.’

This is obviously not true, and you can clearly tell from the tape.

Today, Trump tweeted out another version of events that seems much more likely to be true—that he was saying “Tim—Apple” in his typical incoherent noun-shouting style:

Based on the full recording of the event—where Trump repeatedly goes out of his way to highlight that Apple is working with his administration—this actually seems like what happened. (Additionally, the White House transcript seems to bear this out.) Still, it’s pretty funny that he’s re-surfacing a week-old story as some lame attempt to save face. Also, I’m sure people would be more inclined to believe him if he didn’t, you know, lie about everything all the time.

But Twitter isn’t buying the president’s face-saving attempt:

And many people are comparing Trump’s excuse to an episode of The Office where Kevin tries to save time by omitting what he sees as extraneous words from his speech:

Jim, Pam, and Andy all try to convince Kevin to speak like a normal human being, and he ends the bit with a (now foreboding) “When me president, they see, they see.”

Here’s the full clip, so you too can bask in just how stupid everything is in 2019:

h/t: Axios