People Think Trump’s Surprise Iraq Visit Might Be Part Of An Elaborate Vacation Escape Plan

The U.S. government is currently in the midst of a man-made shutdown engineered by Trump and the right-wing media personalities he doesn’t want to disappoint. Despite—or because of—that fact Trump decided to take a little surprise trip to visit U.S. troops in Iraq. It’s big news because he hasn’t visited troops overseas yet, one of the only presidents not to do so until now.

Reports circulated that his refusal to visit was out of concern for his own safety, but it seems the political jeopardy his government shutdown and sagging stock market have put him in has finally (bone-) spurred him to action (sorry). Still, most Americans are wise to the stunt. Others think his reasons are even more nefarious and self-serving.

After serving in office for nearly two years, President Trump finally made his way to one of the many theaters of war where U.S. troops are stationed.

For comparison, President Bush first visited troops around eight months after beginning the Iraq War and President Obama visited troops after just three months in office.

Some people think the political stunt was a response to the bad publicity he’s gotten from having never visited before. Others think it’s a response to the bad publicity he’s gotten from shutting down the government, along with the drop in the stock market:

And others think it was a response to the story in the New York Times that the infamous “bone spurs” that kept him out of Vietnam were, shockingly, not real:

Naturally, the jokes didn’t stop once he was there for the photo-op either. And some people thought his trip was actually just an excuse to do something arguably worse than using troops as political props…


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